Blame it on Paddy


It’s been a very long time since I wrote you. 

But you can blame Paddy.


When I lived in Ireland at the turn of the century (I’ve always wanted to say that), we went to the pub a lot. It’s kind of like the way we Canadians go for coffee. People do it at lunch and on Sunday mornings. It’s what you do.

So anyway, when the bartenders asked what I wanted and I said whiskey, they always gave me this look. (Whaaat...? Drinking whiskey doesn’t make me a hard core alcoholic you know.) Then after their eyebrows came back down, they’d ask, Power’s or Paddy’s? And I’d say Paddy’s. My absolute favourite whiskey EVER.

Move over Glenfiddich. Ha.

Fast forward to today. Back in Canada. 17 years since any Paddy's passed my lips.

So imagine my surprise when my spirit loving friend, Dave, texted me a picture of the glorious Paddy’s, shipped all the way from Ireland, gracing the shelves of a Canadian liquor store.

I’ve waited 17 years for this moment. 

In honour of him being the bearer of this fabulous news, I waited until I went to White Rock to have my first glass with him. It was one of the few warm, sunny days we had back in early spring. We sipped that golden stuff on his deck, basking under a blue sky.

Then I came back to Victoria and promptly got a list of all the liquor stores that carry it.

And there were lots. I was impressed.

So you see it’s Paddy’s fault I haven’t written much. I’ve been having too much fun.

What can I say. 

OK in all honesty... you must know I'm kidding around. I don't really drink that much, I'm just being facetious. Buuut...I do want to talk to you about the relaxed *in the moment* feeling that comes with a drink or two. I wonder why we're all so uptight and busy getting things done instead of just relaxing into the moment and enjoying what we've worked for so far. There was a time that you really wanted the things you have right now. Have you forgotten? We tend to do this. Onto the next thing... again and again.

Why is it us North Americans think work is more important than play anyway? (And no I’m not suggesting you drink Paddy’s all day.)

Play is more productive than you think.

 It has health benefits. It makes you more productive at work. (My best business ideas come when I’m playing.) Besides, playful people are sexier. *Fringe Benefits people*



On a side note...

Is there something you’d like me to create? Clients are asking me to create a companion product for Stinky Bitch / Smelly Bastard. They want something that would be great for gift giving. A natural *and cheeky* version of something most people use. In the $20 - 40 range. If there’s something you’d love to see me create, just hit reply and let me know what it is. I just might make it. And if I use your idea, you’ll be my first customer, free of charge.

(A little insider’s secret: Here’s a suggestion I got… an after sex spritzer and towelette in a little bag to store under the bed called the Loindry Bag. I thought that was BRILLIANT. But am I brave enough?)

Oh and PS... no I’m not an alcoholic. Really. Playaholic maybe. *Insert innocent smile*

Have a cheeky day!

Chief Creator of Mischief

The cost of smelling sexy

The cost of smelling sexy

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