Your own personal scientist

Last week, I spent about an hour on the floor of London Drugs with my mum. Both of us were looking for a Maybelline mascara with a clean rating. Hmmm, apparently there's no such thing. So much for my favourite brand...


The thing is it was really fun

It was like having my own personal scientist at my finger tips. Shopping for Things I Put On My Body will never be the same. I have power. :-)

I ended up buying the yellow one you see in this picture. It was a 5, which I figured was as good as it gets. I mean, it's mascara. How can it be good for you?


Since then, I've done some research. Turns out you can get a mascara with a 3 rating. Not bad. Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Jumbo Lash Mascara is recommended by Think Dirty. It's listed as sold at London Drugs (back I go), Shoppers, Pharmasave and Walmart.

From Think Dirty

From Think Dirty