The making of Stinky Bitch

I thought you might like to see how I make Stinky Bitch and her Smelly Bastard cohort.

First I gather my butters, beeswax and powders and measure out exact portions. Then I melt the butters into a stainless steel double broiler over the lowest heat possible...

I melt them very slowly to preserve their goodness. This takes a long time, so I usually do it in small batches. It's kind of therapeutic though. Watching the golden colours swirl and blend into a creamy finale : )

I make notes as I go. This is super important. Even though I follow a structured process for consistency, sometimes I make small changes to improve the overall system...

Finally, it becomes a nice thick cream. Now here's where Stinky Bitch gets finicky... I have to pour it into the tubes FAST or it'll start hardening. I can't pour it when it's hot (and so much easier to pour), because the ingredients will separate as they settle. I made this mistake in the development stage. Part of the bar was effective and other parts weren't. Not good. Lesson learned...

I even hand made a filling tray because no one else has made one yet (my supplier is working on it). It makes life a lot easier for me because I can pour faster without having to be such a good aim.

So now the tubes are on my studio table ready for their Stinky Bitch and Smelly Bastard ensembles. : )

This is a bit tedious but I love doing it. I have to get the labels on perfectly straight and without bubbles. I guess I love it because I designed the labels (with the help of my brilliant global team of women), so it means a lot to see the final product...

Then comes the best part, sending them to you! 


Now Stinky Bitch and Smelly Bastard are ready to travel to their next destination : )

Originally I thought I would use boxes for all shipments. But I'm trying to keep the costs low enough that people all over the world can afford to swipe their pits with love. So for smaller shipments, I use padded envelopes. I love to make things pretty, but it has to make sense both for me as a business and for you as the buyer.

So now you know how Stinky Bitch is created. She tries my patience sometimes, but she's worth it!