Do you love your pits?

Or are you injecting carcinogenic chemicals into your receptive armpit pores every day?

Cue Think Dirty Shop Clean. 30 seconds and you'll know what's being absorbed into your body. (You can check their credibility here). A quick visit to your app store and you can install it free on your iPhone (coming soon to Android - EWG's Healthy Living app is another alternative).

Then all you do is scan your deodorant's bar code, or type in its brand name. You'll get an instant read-out just like these...

Here are some screen shots of popular brands and their ratings on the Dirty Metre...

I used Soft 'n Dry and Mitchum for years! If only I'd been more aware.

If Crystal is your brand, well done! It just never worked for me. I was a total Stinky Bitch. Not even Mitchum for men kept me smelling pretty. Embarrassing I know!

So how do Stinky Bitch and Smelly Bastard Deodorants stack up?

I'm working on getting them listed on the Think Dirty app (gotta' love the name). The more the public searches for Stinky Bitch and Smelly Bastard on Think Dirty, the better chance I have of getting listed. So if you download the app, type in Stinky Bitch and she just might show up!

The EWG Skin Deep ratings for every ingredient I use in Stinky Bitch and Smelly Bastard

1 = safe. 10 = toxic.

You could practically eat it! (Although I'd highly recommend cookie dough ice cream instead.)

Disclaimer: The information provided above was taken directly from the Think Dirty app search results and is based on the scientific findings of their advisors.