The first time I got married, it was 100 degrees in Las Vegas.

The second time, it was on our deck overlooking the ocean and super muggy out. The third time was in desert heat of an Okanagan summer.

Events where I prayed my deodorant would last.

Back then, I wore the strongest, most toxic deodorants I could get my hands on. What can you do when you're a stinky bitch? You carry a stick in your bag. Everywhere you go. You do a lot of sniff checks. Quickly. When no one's looking. Right? 

When a friend - full of life and laughter - died from cancer

One of my best friends, always laughing and seeing the brightest side of life, died at age 44. It scared me because I thought if someone that full of life, with such a positive attitude could die like that, anyone can. Including me, the eternal optimist.

Suddenly I needed to purge my life of all the toxins. (With important exceptions of course. Like wine. Chocolate Cookie Dough Haagen Dazs. Wild girls-only vacations. What happens in Vegas...) But the real poisons. Like the kind you foolishly plaster all over the largest, most receptive part of your body - your skin. Like the aluminum and poisonous fragrances in those deodorants I'd been using two or threes times a day for years.

Then I realized, umm hello! I've been making natural skin care for years, why can't I create my own deodorant?

And so I did! And it worked! I mean really worked...

A year later, I decided to give the brand a little cheek ; )

A year later, I decided to give the brand a little cheek ; )

The women who loved Stinky Bitch asked for a stinky cohort!

The women who loved Stinky Bitch asked for a stinky cohort!

No more pushing toxic chemicals into my freshly shaved armpits every day.

All day I get hot flashes that set me on fire. I hike mountains in the summer heat. I have meetings where I can't escape for fresh air (awkward flushed face). I get wicked night sweats... and the next morning, I sniff my pits with utter amazement.

It's SO nice to finally be fresh all day long AND overnight. Then I thought I have to sell this. There must be other people like me.

And guess what? It turned out to be my biggest seller.

Then during a business retreat in Costa Rica, a woman named Tennile heard my story and thought I should name it after myself. Brilliant! (Thank you Tennile, love you for this.)

And that's how Stinky Bitch was born : )

Update October 2016: Women who loved Stinky Bitch asked me for a stinky cohort for their man friends. So I created Smelly Bastard. I have this mission for them to travel the world together (see map below for travels so far). Ok call me weird, but together we've sort of personified them like we do pets. Who says deodorant can't be fun?

Just wanted to let you know how amazing your deodorant is!! I put it to the test last night at Jazzercise and was totally surprised at how well it worked. Been wearing it all week so far and am so happy to have found something that works this well. It’s better than a pricey “natural” one I got at Sephora :) :) Thank you!
— Rose, Sooke, BC
I promised to let you know how the new deodorant worked. It works great and lasts for a long time, still lots left. I travelled to the UK at the end of March for two weeks. So two long (9.5 hour) flights, little sleep and then several hours travel on the other side. Pretty much awake and on the go for almost 24 hours each direction. Then running around in the UK for a couple of weeks, not exactly restful, was there to help with an elderly parent and getting them organized to live safely in their own home. So kudos to the anti p.
— Andrew, Victoria, BC