my story

an unethical chemist


While teaching at a cosmetics college, I was hired by a chemist to help him develop a new skin care line. I'd been a licensed Aesthetician and certified Aromatherapist for years, so this was a great fit. I was excited! I'd get to create and design a whole line of skin care with a scientist at my side! 

I learned a lot from him, like how to source ingredients and how to formulate for maximum effectiveness.

But one day, something he said made my neck hairs stand up. So I started doing some research. Then I found out he was lying to me (and our clients) about our product being all natural.

When I challenged him on it, he said it cost too much to use only natural ingredients. Like most cosmetics companies, he was willing to mislead the public to increase his profits.

the power of nature

For the seven years since aromatherapy became part of my life, I never got sick. Not once. Not even a minor cold.

This is why, when he hired me to develop his line, I insisted on natural, using essential oils as the primary active ingredients. (I had worked with several professional skin care lines over the years and none offered the value of nature's ingredients. They were all profit-focused, claiming unrealistic results.)

taking a chance

After I discovered the lies, I started to plan my exit strategy. I told our clients the truth, and gave them the choice to stay with him, or take a chance on me.

A couple of months later, I was on my own producing my very own skin care line. So exciting! I got to put my heart into every little detail, like the product name, the packaging, and the style of customer service.

Every one of our clients followed me. 

being part of the solution

We trust our pharmacists, doctors and aestheticians. But most of their education comes from their suppliers. Those suppliers, like Big Pharma, are interested in sales, not our health.

Ah but we're catching on, aren't we? Apps like Think Dirty (Shop Clean) are making it easy for us to be in the know

I want to be part of the solution. The fact that I stopped catching colds and flus proved to me that essential oils help create a healthy body. When applying skin care, you're absorbing the ingredients two ways: through your skin and your lungs. Why then would you knowingly apply toxic ingredients?

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Why Call Me Cheeky!

That's what I heard growing up, always. I had an answer for everything. And a question for every answer. My mum would glare at me and say, "The cheek of you!".