Shireen labelling skin care in studio

Taavi calls me his sexy mad scientist. I think it's sweet, but I do love experimenting and creating new things.

  • I'm part ultra calm and part wild child
  • I was in the Spa Industry for 25 years, and have been an Aromatherapist since 1996
  • I love change, so you never know what I might create next


Taavi is our photographer and my biggest supporter

He puts up with me talking about business on weekends and he lets me try out new masques on his face.

  • he sees beauty in nature that most people don't even notice
  • he's a fabulous chef (aren't I lucky?)
  • he's one of the kindest people I know

Heather, head critic

Heather's my top critic

She's very analytical and detail-oriented by nature. If she doesn't like something, she'll tell me straight out. Her honesty helps me create the best possible products.

  • local government trusts her critical mind to deal with customer issues
  • she's passionate about Irish Dancing and twice qualified to compete in the World Championship in Ireland


Rosalyn works at a local university in the disability resource centre

  • she has a Bachelor of Arts in English, her favourite subject
  • her goal is to have a career in creative writing or teaching
  • she has a little cat named Scout


Karalyn's pursuing a degree in psychology

She's also a talented guitarist, singer and actor.

  • she met her boyfriend in high school; he was an exchange student from Spain
  • they hope to attend their undergraduate years at the same university one day